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I've decided to re-watch Stargate Atlantis and I found a mistake in the first episode.  I don't know if any of you watch Stargate Atlantis but in the pilot episode when Daniel is telling O'Neill about Atlantis, O'Neill makes the comment 'flying city' as if it's something hard to believe.  However in season 1 of SG1 in the episode 'The Nox', at the end of the episode the Nox reveal their city in the sky.  So technically, Jack knows that flying cities aren't preposterous as he has seem one before.

Thank you.

Just wanted to note this somewhere.



24 today.  For the first time I actually feel older.  It has probably something to do with with starting uni in three weeks and moving forward with my life.  However I can't help but feel a little sad on my birthday.  I don't mean to be a misery guts but I can't help but think about all the bad things that have happened in my life.  Today especially.  My sister refused to buy me a present but decided to take me out for lunch instead.  However this morning she decided she didn't want to.  Just point blank 'I don't want to'.  Dad gave me money then disappeared all day!  He came home this evening drunk, which leads me to come to the conclusion he went to John and Rebecca's (family), drank and watched AFL all day.  So I was left to go for pancakes with mum.  Not that that's a bad thing (however it was busy, our food took a long time and its was a little cool by the time it got to us).  We went shopping after but mum was the one who actually bought anything.  I'm not too sure how to spend the money dad gave me.  It's a good time by something nice for myself (Like shoes - I love shoes!) but my mind is completely on uni so I think I should buy something that will benefit my new life as a student.  No idea what though.  I'll think of something.

In other news my boyfriend quit his job.  Apparently the situation at his workplace is catastrophic and they didn't tell him during the interview process.  However people are quitting left, right and center, the hotel needs too much renovation but has no money to pay for it, staff never show up for work and there are so many liabilities that could have been his problem... so he quit.  He's very disappointed but it obviously wasn't the best place to be.  He shouldn't let it be his problem.  He flying back to Melbourne tonight so he can look after his mum's farm while she visits his sister next week.  I really wish he came for at least one night.  This also means no trip to Cairns next week :-(

Blah.  My head and neck are hurting and I feel like my brain is running at one hundred miles.  Going to watch some dvds for the rest of the night me thinks.


Well Hello!


Thought I would share a photo of my new toy.  Just had the worst trouble with adjusting the size of the image.  What happened to when we could just select the photo and drag it from the corner to adjust the size?  I preferred those day.

Very happy day today despite the rain, the clouds and the 12 degrees!



Typing this update from my new macbook air just to tell you I have my new macbook air :-)
Last night mum ordered my mac book air :-)  Should be here in a day or two!

Icon Tutorials

 I've decided to make a list of icon tutorials that I like for reference purposes.  None should have selective colouring or curves.  My program doesn't have curves or selective colouring so I try not to keep tutorials that contain those steps.

**Please Note** None of these tutorials or icons are mine.  Please credit the user and/or community you are linked to!

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Score! I found my final textbook cheaper online at fishpond.com.au at 43% off :-)


Uni Adventures

So yesterday I ordered two textbooks from bookdepository and picked up the third from he Co-op Bookshop on campus.  I wasn't planning on buying the fourth because I have a nice hardcover copy of an older edition.  However, just to make sure there aren't that many changes I borrowed the most recent copy from the library (as the new copies in the bookshop were wrapped) so I could compare the editions.  Well... Mostly the authors have compacted some of the chapters together but the big difference is the eight new chapters on organic chemistry that aren't in the older editions.  Since I'm starting Chemistry B this semester, and Chemistry A focused on all the original chapters, I will need all the new organic chem chapters this semester.  Blah... so my Chemistry text book will have to wait until next week.

To further prepare myself for studying I borrowed a book called 'Studying Science at University' which I've almost finished.  I'm lucky because I have been to uni before and I know the difference between studying at uni and school.  I'm going to be much better prepared this time.  The book is helping a lot.  I was hoping to find a new copy but couldn't find a new copy online.  Just second hand copies on amazon.  Must be out of print now.

Also I picked up my student id card :-)  Going to pick up a concession GO card as adult ticket prices are so expensive.  I think concession prices are one of the best advantages of being a student.


Jun. 18th, 2012

I have started to get back into icon making.  I haven't done it in years but I'm looking forward to getting creative again and playing with images.

Hmm, what to do for my first batch...



Watching Daria right now. 

I.  Am.  Loving.  It.

I bought the complete series and am thoroughly enjoying watching it all again.  Picking up a lot that I never noticed while watching it when I was younger.