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Where Does the Time Go?

It's week 11.  Where has the semester gone?  I had two deferred exams last week because I had to return to the NT for a funeral (I might talk about that another time) during the break.  My first exam was on Tuesday and my second exam was on Friday.  I was so exhausted Friday night that I went to bed at 7.30 and slept through till 9.30 Saturday morning.  I've been a bit ill since the weekend.  My allergies have been quite severe over the last three months, and over the weekend I fely my head like it would explode.  I go through a box of tissues every 6 days!  I lost it Tuesday morning because I didn't sleep because I was too busy sneezing and blowing my nose.  Even though I've had allergies, because its prolonged, my head feels the same way it does when you have a head cold.  Which, is not good for studying.  I finally went to the doctor today and I'm deferring two quizzes this week so I can clear out my head... literally.  Last night I slept on our pullout ottoman and it was the best sleep I've had in a long time!  I'm not sure what it is in my room (not including the close proximity to external mold outside my window) that's triggering my allergies, but I've completely stripped my bed, replaced the sheets and even the doona on my bed.  I'm on very expensive nose spray, so hopefully I will sleep better tonight.  I'm trialling it anyway.  My mum thinks it may be my mattress, but it's less than 2 years old so I'm not buying it.   I did have blood taken today for a RAST test, so I will wait for the results.  My need to resort to complete hypoallergenic pillows, sheets, mattress etc.

Aside from my health, everything is going very well.  It's all very busy on campus.  I'm now on the committee of a four clubs; Secretary of Ladies in Technology, Engineering and Science Society, Secretary of the Griffith Indigenous Student Association, Member of the School of Biomolecular and Physical Science Social Committee, and finally I am the new VP of Griffith's University's Women's Society.  The BPS social committee is planning a ball this year because the school is changing its name.  We are so excited but we are desperately trying to choose a venue.  However it looks like Royal on the Park may be our best venue yet.  This is the dress I want to wear.  Yes, I know it's based off a dress Kate Middleton wore but I don't care.  It's beautiful.  The other one I was looking at was this one (also another celebrity dress), but a friend said I should choose the green one over the red one. Though I can choose the colours of both, and I would choose navy.  Chrissy and I are vising Royal on the Park tomorrow and our meeting with the rest of the committee is Friday morning, so we will make a decision then.  I honestly cannot wait!

Not much else has been happening. I'm very close to finishing this semester.  It may be my most successful semester yet.  I'm looking forward to the winter break.  I want to go back to Alice Springs and stay.  I must go see Kelly.  I saw her briefly on my way back from the funeral which really lifted my spirits.  I miss her so much!  It would be nice to chill with her for a few weeks.  However, I have to hang around in Brisbane until July 11 because I have tickets to Something for Kate.  It is going to be epic!