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Uni, Work, Blah *head desk*

I'm still here.  I haven't updated in a while but it's because not much has happened.  Quietly waiting for uni to start.  A week-and-a-half to go.  Orientation week starts Monday however the uni isn't putting on anything exciting.  They only do the fun things for first semester.  Yet, Gumurri Center says they will have a meet-and-greet for new students on Tuesday.  I have to go return two books to the library tomorrow so I will confirm with them tomorrow.  Mum is going to come up next week at some stage as we're going to visit her old supervisor Darryl, and Scotty who runs the Chemistry Labs.  She also wants to check out all the upgrades Griffith is doing. 

One thing the uni has decided to do is put on a bunch of seminars regarding finding work.  Once I confirm a day with Gumurri I might enroll in the CV writing and interview skills seminars.  It will keep be busy.  Also since I'm having so much trouble finding work it might be helpful.  Yet I have come to the conclusion that the reason I am not finding work is the fact that, earlier this year I was taking bridging courses.  Bridging Courses screams 'I plan to go to uni!'  Also now that I am enrolled and have such little availability thanks to my timetable, I think employers see me as not being available enough.  I hate that for some reason you have to either work or study.  People can't live like that and I think employers have unrealistic views about their employees.  It's tough out there.  If people want to study, the should be able to pick up some work.  I did put in an interest for future employment with both Target and Big W since I don't really have much of a choice anymore.  I am a well educated, incredibly experience individual and there is no reason why someone won't employ me.  Apart from the study thing, mum suggests to remove being Aboriginal from my resume as people may automatically stereotype me.  The only interview I had recently was with Apple and I left off both being Aboriginal and the information about studying (at that time I wasn't finishing my bridging courses and didn't know whether I got into uni).  Might be time to test this theory again.

Speaking of Bridging Courses, my friend Alecia from the Maths bridging course messaged me tonight and she was sitting in the first lesson of the Chemistry Bridging course for semester two.  She messaged me to tell me that a girl we knew in maths was in the Chemistry course.  This girl, who will remain nameless, was well... we used the term 'bimbo'.  Now I know I didn't pass the maths bridging course but that was because I was too cocky about finding it all easy.  I didn't prepare myself to tackle the modelling and problem solving that came in the exam.  When I did the maths bridging course, I took the Chemistry simultaneously.  Alecia and I wondered whether 'she-who-cannot-be-named' was going to do Chemistry too.  (One of the fun parts of maths was guessing why people where taking the bridging courses)  I told Alecia if she can't understand why an outlier is an outlier on a box and whisker plot (which everyone gave up trying to explain to her), she is going fail majorly in Chemistry.  Why?  Because there is so much more to understand in Chemistry then maths.  Yes in maths you learn formulas but we got to take notes with us into exams etc.  However in Chemistry theory is more complex, equations are more complex, there is more complex basic info you have to learn before moving on through the course, and her head will explode in the first class.  So yes, I'll be surprised if she makes it through.  Alecia is going to keep me updated.  I know that sounds mean but hear is my explanation.  We're told in uni that there is no such thing as stupid questions.  Why?  Because stupid questions are better than stupid answers.  However, her questions weren't just stupid they were empty?  She constantly could not grasp the most simplest explanations.  Some people you help them they get through but you do get people and you know immediately they should not be doing it.  She is one of these people.  But that's enough about that.

I think it's time for me to curl up with a book in bed.  Good night all :-)